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NOTE:  Wills will require two disinterested witnesses and a notary to execute the document.  Some of the other documents may also require witnesses and/or a notary or both.

If the documents are executed at The Law Office of  Timothy M. Clark PLLC a notary can be provided. We may also be able to provide  the disinterested witnesses but this will need to be discussed for verification prior to execution of the documents.

If you are not in the area then the documents will be sent to you via email or regular mail for you to execute yourself.

If you have a need for a more complex Will or for other legal issues please contact us to discuss pricing options

Pricing Subject to Change-  











Texas Statutes--     {Here you can find various Texas Statues such as the Estates Code, Property Code, Health and Safety code, and many more}

Texas Law Help. Org--         {This is a free legal information site for Texans with various forms and explanations}

Online Dictionaries--  Search by the word (type it in) --

                                        Search by the word--  (Like a Dictionary)


Harris County Probate Courts--   {Link to the 4 Statutory Probate Courts where you can find information on Guardianship and Heirship matters as well as Court contact information.}


Galveston County Probate Court--  {Link to Statutory Probate Court with Forms and Information as well as Court Contact information}


Texas Judicial Branch--   {Link to Rules and Forms, under Media you see Texas Court Structures, on site search for Probate Courts and find a map of all the Statutory Probate Courts in Texas, and more useful information}

Consanguinity Chart--  {Go to Resource tab and get Consanguinity Chart

[shows how people are related by degree of consanguinity}


Will (Simple): $400.00

Durable Power of Attorney: $250.00 (with Will $110.00)

Medical Power of Attorney: $250.00 (with Will $110.00)

HIPPA Release: $200.00 (with Will 110.00)

Physician Directive: $200.00(w/ Will $110.00)

Guardianship in Event of Incapacity: $350.00 (with Will $160.00)

Optional Item:

Transfer of Death Deed: $450.00 (with Will $250.00)




COUPLES/PARTNERS (Pricing is with Will)

Mirror Image Wills (Simple Will): $750.00

Durable Power of Attorney Forms: $120.00

Medical Power of Attorney Forms: $120.00

HIPPA Release Forms: $120.00

Physician Directive Forms: $120.00

Guardianship in the Event of Incapacity: $170.00

Optional Item:

Transfer on Death Deed:$450( with Will Pckg





Payment Options Single Will Package:

Pay in full at time of document request {$1000.00}


$200.00 at time of document request


(4) Monthly Payments of $200.00 each


Payment Options for Mirror Will Package:

Pay in full at time of document request {$1400.00}


$250.00 at time of document request


(4)Monthly Payments of $287.50

Please contact for payment  information


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