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            My name is Timothy M. Clark and I am a Licensed Attorney in the State of Texas. I graduated from South Texas College of Law in December of 2013 and became licensed to practice Law in the State of Texas in May of 2014.


            Prior to getting my Law License I was, and still am, employed at a small chemical plant in the area. I have spent 38 years in the Industrial Construction Industry, 25 year was as a pipe welder and fabricator with my own welding truck, the last 13 years I have been working at the chemical plant in a management position.


            Since obtaining my Law License I have worked on cases involving civil issues, family matters, criminal defense, property, personal injury and on probate issues. I am on the appointment list as an Attorney Ad Litem in the four Harris County Probate Courts and the Galveston County Probate Court. The appointments are for Determination of Heirship applications (a person passes without a will) and as the Attorney Ad Litem on Guardianship cases.


            What I see when people pass without a will is usually a family that not only lost a loved one, but a family that is having to deal with issues that cause them much added stress, confusion, and the realization that what the family thought would happen to the property is much different than what the law mandates will happen to the property.

Education (Because some folks want to know)

San Jacinto College, Pasadena TX: AAS in Non Destructive Technologies

University of Houston, Houston, TX: BS in Organizational Leadership and Supervision

South Texas College of Law, Houston, TX: JD

Professional Affiliations:

State Bar of Texas

Houston Bar Association

Galveston County Criminal Attorneys Association

More about me (If your interested)

I am just a blue collar ordinary person who decided (sometimes I wonder if correctly) to to go law-school and become an attorney to work to help people that needed it.

Since becoming an attorney and seeing the legal system up close, I found it was not what I had been taught throughout my life to believe.

The system is, in my opinion, not citizen friendly and poses problems for those trying to navigate it themselves. Even Attorney's such as myself can find it quite difficult at times.  Often people (and Attorney's) call the Court or the Clerk for information and many times get the response "we are unable to provide that information as it would be engaging in the practice of law"  or something similar to that. What is one to do?

My goal is to provide a service to help people that need it. Sometimes all the help they need is some advice (sometimes free and sometimes for a nominal cost), others need full representation. 

If you have a legal issue that I can help with please let me know. 

If there are matters that I can not be of assistance on but that you need help with, I am associated with ( I know) many prominent attorneys that could help and I would be glad to help put you in contact with them. (NOT A REFERRAL just putting you in touch with another Attorney who might be able to assist you.)

Thanks for taking time to stop by and visit.

Remember GET YOUR WILL ON!  Because sometimes tomorrow is to late.

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